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Caribbean Get-Away

Now is a good time to escape to the Caribbean. Enjoy the warm tropical weather and friendly relaxed atmosphere. Simply because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer!



Facts About Barbados

Barbados is located in the eastern part of the Caribbean. It has a population of approximately 286,000 people. The country derived its name from the bearded fig trees which once grew in abundance on the island,


When Tragedy Strike

The past few weeks have been tragic for many people. Hurricane Harvey left about 82 dead in Texas. Hurricane Irma decimated the island of Barbuda and then went on to reap havoc on Florida leaving many of the people in that state without electricity. Also heartrending were the deaths of eight elderly people in a nursing home caused by extreme heat conditions. In Puerto Rico Maria left devastation in her wake.

Mexico was rocked by an unprecedented two major earthquakes. The death toll so far in Mexico has risen to over 300 hundred and many more are feared dead…buried beneath the rubble.  We can only pray that they will find more survivors.

Let us show empathy for our brothers and sisters who have suffered loss, those who are waiting to hear good news that their relatives are alive and all who are hurting at this time.