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Jamaican Breakfast

One thing about Caribbean people is that we love our Caribbean food and I mean that literally. No cereal in a bowl with some milk in it. No we go for something more filling. This is an example of what a Jamaican would have for breakfast.

Boiled bananas and saltfish



Island Snacks

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Bake & Shark

Bake_&_SharkBake and Shark is a popular street food in Trinidad. The bake is fried dough but unlike fried dumpling or Johnny cake it is done with a hollow on the inside. The shark is real shark fillet. It is seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper, breaded and pan-fried. The bake is cut open and stuffed with the shark making a sandwich. It is then topped with vegetables, mustard, ketchup or whatever you desire. If you don’t fancy eating shark, tilapia, or kingfish may  be used as a substitute.

image credit Grueslayer @Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0