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Trying Something New

The Caribbean produces some of the most delicious snacks and it is our pleasure to bring them to you.

big foot cheese snacks- tastyislandcratecheese trixrough tops cookies

These and more flavorful snacks Here



Island Snacks

Tasty Island 1
Mini Crate $14.00

This is our Mini Island Crate from tastyislandcrate.com.

Enjoy tasty snack from the Caribbean at a reasonable price. We ship promptly to anywhere in the USA  and you don’t have to pay for shipping. See you soon!






Caribbean Snacks

You don’t have to travel to enjoy snacks from the Caribbean. Tastyislandcrate.com will deliver them right to your door. We have a variety of crates for you to choose from.

Tasty Island 1
Mini Crate
Tasty island 2
Original Crate
tasty island 3
Large Crate

tasty island 4

For more information visit our website Tastyislandcrate.com